A Spring Doesn't Make a Summer

Is it harder to love or be loved?
A film by Elio Mardini and Rafael Thomaseto
France, Italy, Lebanon, USA
120 min | Drama, Romance

In the spring of 2002, Henry, a cautious and reserved journalist, is on a work assignment in Beirut where he quickly meets Carlo, a handsome French vagabond who works on an organic farm in the mountains of Lebanon. American-Italian Henry struggles with reconnecting with his estranged mother and rediscovering his Lebanese roots. With the breathtaking scenery of Springtime Beirut as the backdrop, Carlo teaches Henry about love, adventure, and opening up. Their whimsical romance has a long-lasting impact on Henry.

Elio Mardini

Helena Sardinha, Olivia Chiesi, Rafael Thomaseto

Script available upon request


São Paulo
Los Angeles
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